Enter Firnezia
Most of what is going on on Memonon.com is strongly related to Minecraft.
So what would we be without a Minecraft server of our own.

Firnezia is a minecraft server that is open for everyone to join. The server gives its players the options of building, pvp’ing, questing and more.
In Firnezia you can chose your own adventure, build on your own, team-up with others have battles with others or do quests for firnezians and become a great adventurer.

The Firnezia server has multiple plugins that enhance the gameplay and give you, the player, the option to do more than when playing a vanilla Minecraft.

You can join at any time by entering the server on the IP: MC.Firnezia.Net
Want to know more about Firnezia? Visit our website dedicated to the server: www.Firnezia.Net

Still wondering what Firnezia is about? Here you can see the latest video of Memonon and his adventures in Firnezia.
We hope to see you soon in Firnezia.