Whats this all about

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Hello, my name is Memonon

Memonon.com is a website about creating and doing what you like.
From time to time its about a creator making fun stuff, sharing what he created and dreaming big. But most of the time Memonon.com is for those that want some fun and those that want to create themselves.

Thank you for checking out my website, now lets start creating.

Why is Memonon.com?
For a long time a big part of my time has been filled with gaming, watching movies and animated shorts on the web.
At one point I thought “I could do that, I want to do that, I’m going to do that.” While learning how to use software to create animations, the desire to create a game myself increased as well.
And now we are here. Working on animations, a server and more.

If you are still doubting why you should start. Think about why you should not start.
“It’s not about ‘why’ it´s about ‘why not’.” -C. Johnson

Starting to create does not require a fancy education. This website is, besides showing what I have made, a place for you to start creating.
On this website I share tips, tricks and tutorials on how to create yourself like the way I do it.
You can find a lot of tutorials already on the web yet most of those are incomplete, show only a part of a big project or you have to pay for them.
I believe that it should be possible to follow complete tutorials without any foreknowledge. The tutorials will be what I missed, complete easy tutorials.