A lot of time spend, a lot of progress made.

I wished there was more content already, but we can’t have everything, so that’s why this is an update on what has been going on.
As you can see the website has been renewed. Instead of only having the newest posts on the home page you can now see more of what is going on on Memonon.com.

For those that have watched other parts of the website already, I am working on a game. It is going to be an RPG game, on the home page the first screens are visible, just as the top left picture down below. The first maps have been made and at this point I am working on giving it live with quests, conversations and other randomness. Ready for first demo testing soon.

The new animations is coming up nicely. It takes a bit more time because I remade the characters to look like they should.
Below is a image of the animations and a picture of our very own villager (those robes are a paint to make :P).
This animation will not be a single short, it will be the first of a Minecraft web series involving; Steve, the villagers, mobs and a lot of other minecrafters.
Because of a hardware update the next animations should be quicker to render, so that’s something to look forward to.

Any other content coming up?
In the near future I am starting on LP’s. First of all this is going to be Minecraft, maybe other games following soon? The LP’s will include random game play, pvp, redstone builds and other builds, basically: the life of a Minecrafter with to big ambitions and builds.

Just stick around and new content will show up soon.
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But before the new content and animations are finished; Minecon.