Staying busy on the internet

Spending a lot of time on the internet, enjoying the things others have created it ain't such a bad thing to sometimes give a bit back.
My projects are two sided. On one side it is to create something of my own, see what I can do on the internet to grow. On the other side the projects are to help and/or entertain others.
I try to do my part giving back to the internet by hosting a Minecraft server, helping servers reach more players, and helping individuals with their (server/site) problems. Being able to create and do my own thing while standing in the middle of a great community keeps me interested and motivated in the fast moving world of the internet and games.


Emerald Servers is a Minecraft server-listing website where server owners can list theirs to to reach more players. With Emerald Servers is an automated script-site that after setup can stand on its own. Emerald Servers is aimed at the smaller and new servers since those are the ones that can use all the help to grow into the server they want to be.

Firnezia is a Minecraft server that extends the vanilla gameplay with extra options by using a set of third-party plugins making it a fantasy / rpg styled server.
The way it is setup Firnezia lets players completely chose what they want to do. They can play the game withouth using the plugins or they can go on adventures by completing quests, battle each other in the arena’s, start a village and even learn magic!

Memonon is my website with which I try to mark my place on the internet. On I share creations like animations, awesome builds, quick updates on Firnezia lets play videos and other randomness. Besides that it is also where I share tutorials, tips and tricks on how to make short, Minecraft themed, animations for people that always wanted to try to make them themselves.

"Being able to create or do something while combining your interests, learning becomes easier and way more fun."



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